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AFAIC Branding

Branding, identity, logo design.


AFAIC Rebrand

Branding, identity, logo design

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Working with a small team of designers to strengthen the visual identity of Afghan Fajar Association Incorporated and project their ethos and vision through the development of a new tagline ‘We support new beginnings’.



We created a dynamic and cohesive system across their name by designing sub-brands for all of their events in order to primarily attract and appeal to NGO associates for further growth and support through funding and collaboration. 




In rebranding AFAIC we communicate how the nature of this organisation acts as a building block towards creating a sense of community, growth and empowerment. Whilst subtly incorporating their cultural values through Islamic patterns and the symbolism of the 5 pillars of Islam, we have been culturally sensitive in the design outcome in order to support AFAIC’s vision for multiculturalism. 


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