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Sydney Architecture Festival

Film photography, identity, print


The Sydney Architecture Festival

Film photography, identity, print

Building 1a copy.jpg

For this university project I used the Sydney Architecture Festival. This is an annual event celebrating Sydney’s city as a global hub for collaboration and creativity between designers, architects and the local community. The 4 day festival aims to celebrate and encourage Sydney’s architecture through more exposure, collaboration and engagement with our surroundings.



I have used photomontage techniques in the dark room to create an aesthetic that expresses a sense of collaboration and creativity through the mismatched and imperfect imagery as well as communicating the festivals focus for new and inventive ways to cultivate and improve our city. 

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Iconography is used to represent each day of the festival, complimenting the imagery’s shapes and patterns. Die cuts and pop outs in the festival program and formal invites are a playful addition to express the festival’s vision for engagement and exposure.